Friday, February 18, 2011

Six Canadian smocked cushions with six designs

I have made these cushions with 2cm graph.I am going to gift them to my sister.



  1. Vani,This is simply superb.Really very neat finish.

  2. hello vani, i really liked your blog very much.. i have seen this smocking before but had no idea wt it's called.. thank you for the tutorials..

  3. hi,
    the cushions are looking very nice.i have seen your Braid cushion and i like very much.i want to try this so please help me what (size 40*40) material need for this.i read also your method of calculating material.
    plz send me the information for material need for braid
    my email add is so plz mail me

  4. Hi vani,
    I am a new follower n I just love your work with these cushions! It's a real work of art. I would really appreciate if you could please send me the size of material needed if I want to make some 40x40 cm cushions using both. 2 cms grids and 3 cms grids. I need the size of material required for these designs :- leaf, braid, matrix, shell, row of arrows and bones. My email address is zaheeya11@ I would be so thankful if you could email me the size of material needed for the 40x40 cm cushione for these designs?thx a lot in advance...

  5. I have already posted the method of calculating the fabric needed for different types of designs using different sizes of squares. please go through my older posts.