Monday, February 7, 2011

Front and back views of Canadian smocking designs

Here are some designs which I recently did.I have used 2 cm graph.Material used is satin.Here you can see how the pleats can be  arranged.
leaf design

 Design Matrix

Design " Bones "

Design " Shells"

       Design " Braid "


Design " Arrow head"



  1. Beautiful work Vani. I am going to attempt this one day with your guidence ofcourse.

  2. These are amazing! Thanks for generously posting instructions. How long does it take you to do a piece the size of a pillow? I just cannot imagine!

  3. hello mam,
    what is the diffference between shell and leaf design pattern and stitch. back it looks same.. can u plz explain it. thankyou.asap. have a good day. keeping rocking

  4. Hi Roja
    There is difference in there placement of diagonals in the graph.Hence the difference

  5. MS Vani,
    This is excellent work.Pl go ahead

  6. Hi! I am syleshprabu.I want more and pillow designs. your way of teaching is excellent.Thank you for giving information to us.We are thankful to you and ur website.

  7. Hi! I am syleshprabu. And I am ur fan.I want some different and new pillow designs.I have received many times in ur website. It is wonderful and useful. I am very thankful to you vani madam. Thank you.

  8. hey vani m priyal .......u r doing a fabulous job right here m gone crazy over this so trying do do it to gift my mom smocking cushions nd need ur help that how much satin cloth wud be required to make a normal size square cushion ....i have to make 2 cuchions .....thank you in advace ....

  9. Material needed to do cushions depend upon the size of the grid,size of the cushion and the design.I have given a general the method to calculating the fabric needed for various designs.please see right hand side of my blog under labels you will find it

  10. Hi Vani Mam,

    After going through your blog i have become a bg fan of yours.
    i was trying all your designs but got struck with smocking leaf design...i was trying to smock leaf design it came out as matrix design...can you tell me where i went wrong? Thanks in advance.


    1. OMG that`s happened to me too !!! LOL

  11. hi vani mam how are you .i saw first time your blog and become your big i can see tutorial .i cannot understand how to use blog .please please repley me .i am so much thankfull

  12. @Manjusha and Eli
    you must have drawn the graph wrong