Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tutorial for Mesh with flowers

Method of preparing the graph

 Preparation of graph is little different from others.I will explain it with drawings so that it will be easy to understand.Draw a graph of 4cms having 17 squares in width as well as in length on the wrong side of the material.Group them in to big  squares having 9 squares in each as shown in the figure.I have coloured them orange so that it will be easy to understand.
Mark the mid points outer sides of small squares and name them A,B.C,D,E,F,G,H and L.join them together by lines as shown in the figure by  green lines.
Smocking is done only on the squares which I have coloured green.

Graph should be drawn on the wrong side of the material.Graph looks like this on cloth.

Make a mark on the squares that should be smocked.Smocking is done on the green squares by joining 4 points 1,2,3,and 4.
Let us consider one set of  9 squares

Smock the 4 squares in the corners by joining 4 points.Please note smocking is done on the wrong side of the material. Method is   here

 Observe the triangles formed.I have shown them by arrows.

On the reverse ( Right side of the material) it  looks like this.

 Pull the 4  triangles out from the points shown by the arrows.

After pulling out the triangle from back it looks like this.A square is formed.

Take  a threaded  needle out from the center of the square  and join the mid point of the opposite sides of the square as shown below
and then like this
Finished flower is like this

back side of this flower looks like this
Join the petal at the back like this.

Follow the same procedure for the other sets of squares
right side looks like this.

we can sew cushion of size 40cmx40cm from this material

 Oh ! what a lengthy tutorial! But it is very easy to do!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Cushions with Canadian smocking

I have used 2cm squares to do These cushions.these are gift to my youngest  sister.