Thursday, October 8, 2009

How to wash ribbon embroidery

It is better to prewash the ribbons before starting the project. Soak the ribbons separately in salt water for 30 minutes. This sets the colour. Rinse with clean water, wash with mild soap,drip dry and Iron.

Finished projects can be washed gently by hand or by machine using a mild soap. While doing machine wash put the finished project in a bag stitched with mosquito net cloth and do gentle wash. By doing so embroidery will not get spoiled. Drip dry. Hang or dry flat.

To Iron spread the project face down on a terry cloth towel and Iron around the design. While ironing on the embroidered area do not press. Iron it with less pressure. Spray little water on the flattened ribbon flowers. They will regain the shape. Arrange the petals by hand and dry