Tuesday, August 4, 2009

how to make tassels or" kuchhu" for pallu of a sari

Tassels are also called fringes. They give grand and elegant look for a sari. In silk saris threads will be left while weaving for tying tassels. Some saris do not have them. We can still beatify them by adding tassels
Step 1

Stitch the edge of the sari with a small hem. Cut 8 or 10 strands of matching silk thread (machine embroidery thread) of equal length. Length depends upon the design and taste. Fold the strands to form a loop. Insert a thin crochet hook through the stitched edge of the sari and draw the loop a little.

 Step 2 
Pass the loose ends of the silk thread through the loop and pull. A knot will be formed.
Continue this along the edge of the pallu.Make the fringes ¼” apart. Trim the edges evenly. This is the foundation row. This is single knot fringe. Trim the edges evenly

Double knot fringe and other variations


Make the foundation row. Pick half the numbers of the strands of the first fringe and half the no of the strands of the second fringe and tie a knot continue till the end. Care must be taken so that the tension is same. The distance between the knots and the edge of the pallu should be kept same .Trim the edges. You can do as many rows as you want. 

There are other variations. We can group them and tie knots.We can add beads also.It is up to our creativity