Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Method of doing "Flower design" in Canadian smocking

In Flower design folds are created by joining 4 points of a square. From this stitch we can create as many designs as we want. It has got many names. One of them is" Bee cottage."
Flower design is worked on the right side of the fabric. We cannot draw squares on the right side of the fabric as it shows. Only dots should be marked.Both the sides of this design are used to create designs.

Mark rows of dots 2 cm or 3 cm or 4 cm apart on right side of the fabric according to the design and according to your taste. I find it difficult to mark dots in the front. So as usual I secure the fabric to my working table with 3M tape and draw squares back side of the fabric. Then I transfer the corner points of the squares to the right side with the help of a light colored carbon paper.



  1. Hi Usha,
    I have explained the method in general in older posts.And I have posted the graph on Tuesday, August 17, 2010

  2. so generous of you to make these tutorials..sewing and embroidery..i have yet to check your other blogs..
    your tutorials are really good..and it would better if there were more pictures!

  3. than kyou so much for this!
    its very clear and its so generous of you to take time to do this!

  4. very detailed, nice post!
    although I feel if u can mention, the size of this grid and the size of the final smocking it will be easy for us to calculate the area of the grid as per our designs.

  5. Please see my next post.I have explained the method of calculating material needed for this type of smocking.

  6. hi vani,

    great work, iam new to this beautiful world of needle and thread, i like smocking very much, can i do it without a sewing machine???


  7. Thanks a lot. you teach me this art. I am very glad to learn it.

  8. I am going to have a go at this. Thankyou so much for your tutorial, I have arthritis in my hands very badly so it may take me a while. would be worth it though.

    thankyou again you are very kind.

  9. hi vani mam,

    I hv one order hand smocking almost 400pcs. can you hv any supplier for this or you can organize this.

  10. Brilliant work, love it.
    Can you please say how much fabric is needed for a 16' x 16' cushion