Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cushion with "Flowers and buds" design

Material needed .

In this design to calculate the width of the material that remains after smocking we have to just subtract the width of the squares marked “X”. I have drawn the design with squares whose sides are 3x3 .The length and width of portion A will be 7 x 3 =21 cm to find out the width of material that remains after smocking subtract the width of the square ,which is marked ‘X’. That is 3 x 4=12 cm. The width of the material after smocking is 21-12=9cm.The same calculation holds good for length also. You can arrange the blocks according to the measurements of your cushion. In this design width will be 10+9+8+9+10=46 cm. Length is the same.Seam allowance is included in this.

Secure the material well on to the working table with 3M tape and then draw the graph. Neatness depends upon the graph we draw. Always use matching thread for smocking. I use 3 strands of Anchor thread. Stitches taken should be uniform. After drawing the graph “Zig- Zag” the sides. I prefer to give lining to the smocked fabric and then stitch the cushion. This type of smocking is not elastic as English smocking. So it is better to stitch loosely fitted cushion covers.



  1. beautiful. vani, do you know how to make canadian smocking using the design "Jasmine flowers"? If you know, can you plz. show it here? thanx.

    1. hi my name is dotti could i please ask did you ever get the design for jasmine flower. I have been searching for ages can you help
      with many thanks Dotti

  2. I think you are referring to this design . If not please let me know.I have not seen "Jasmine flower" design
    see this design

  3. Vani, 'Jasmine flower' smocking design looks different. Where / How will I send you the design?

  4. You give me the URL of the site where you found it.


    last one


  7. This is the same design that I have posted here

    Light and shadow is making it different.
    i have given the procedure in detail.Only difference is I have not put a bead in the middle.Try and see. You will understand.

  8. Vani, plz go through this one. Here you can see "Jasmine flower" design.

  9. I saw it. I know this .I w2ill post the tutorial soon.This is done by joining 4 points.

  10. que lindo ls cojines y gracias por compartir sus graficos.

  11. Witaj,powiedz mi jakiej tkaniny używasz do tych cudnych poduszek?

  12. Witam, użyłem grubej satyny.
    najlepsze życzenia