Sunday, September 13, 2009

Step 4

Take the ends of running stitch thread and pull gently gathering ribbon in to five petals. Stitch the flower on to a small piece of buckram cloth. Take desired amount of stamens bundle them in the centre with a thread. Stitch this in the middle of the flower. French knots or pistil stitches can also be used instead of stamens.


  1. Hello vani,
    Thanks for the step by step instructions.The pistil stitch mentioned instead of stamens will go thru the ribbon while fixing?The stamens looks good.The stitch.....?

  2. Hi Jayashree,
    Pistil stitch goes through the ribbon .It will not give 3D effect.Stamens give beauty and life to the flower.

  3. Hello vani,
    Goodmorning.By 'The Stitch...',i was wondering how it would look in place of Stamen and since you as a Master has agreed to the look of the Stamens in the centre the Pristil rests.Doesnt matter.Thanks once again.Hope i get at least a mtr.of same quality ribbon to try.