Friday, September 11, 2009

Gatehred flowers

There are many types of ribbon flowers. Simple one is gathered flower.
Step 1 Cut 12 inches of 1 inch wide satin ribbon. Seal the edges with fabric glue Join the edges with back stitch using matching thread.
Step 2 Make running stitch all along one edge using double strands of thread.
Step 3 Pull the thread to form gathers and put tight knots and using two ends of the thread. Arrange the gathers.
Step 4 Embellish the flower with pollens or beads.


  1. Hello vani,
    Any special brands of ribbons?Will wait for your feedback.

  2. I use inch wide satin ribbon .I buy the ribbons from Raja market. Brand name is not mentioned on the ribbon roll

  3. very nice..simple but beautiful..i vl try...thank u vasniavre..

  4. Its really nice and beautiful . .