Monday, March 28, 2016

My first attempt in Igne oyasi (Turkish lace)

Now a days I am fascinated by needle lace.I tried to learn watching internet.I did not understand the language.I tried in the web.
Translation was not good.Somehow I managed to learn  the basic.I do not know which thread they use.It looks like our cone thread.I am sure it is not the same.It looks as though it is stiff.If any one knows please let me know.Here is my first attempt.



  1. As far as I understood it was nylon thread :)

  2. Nice to see that you are enthusiastic about so many crafts.. As far as I understand nylon thread is used. Pls check out the for tutorial

    1. Hello Ms.Vani. I am thankful for your stitching lessons. I can make oya but not igne oya, but tig oya, mean crochet oya. This is the link from Ravelry site where in share my knowledge including about threads used.

      This link is photos of some samples

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