Sunday, June 27, 2010

Canadian smocking by joining 2 2-Braid



  1. Very nice Vani.I have did this smocking but I have no photo of anything I did.Now after I started blogging I take snaps of whatever I do.
    Awesome job.Keep posting.

  2. hi vani, step by step instructions are very helpful to learn thnx 4 ur effort

  3. Hai Aunty, 'm new to ur blog..Ur's work are too impressive especially "Canadian smocking models".. And i did one model for my kid.. plz specify the measurement for canadian smoking {design 2-braid) for getting 40cm*40cm cushion.. it will more helpful for me..

  4. Hi Aunty, I'm new to your blog. Your work and set-by-step instructions are a boon to novices like me. I would love to try Canadian smocking. Can you pls pls pls post step by step instructions along with the graph? Also, pls advice on how much material I need to make a cushion like yours.

    Thank you so much

  5. I have posted the instructions also .please read all my posts

  6. aunty how can i see ur instruction

  7. Dear Vani, thanks to your step-by-step tutorial i now know how to do canadian smocking. I just love the 2-braid design and would like to incorporate into a blouse. The problem is how to calculate to the right amount of fabric.

    Normally i need 2 1/2 metre of 45inch fabric to make a blouse. How much do i need to make a blouse with this smocked cuffs

    and shoulder (front view) - i know this one is not smocked but i tried to find suitable example but to no avail. However i would like to smocked the shoulder part up until it near the pocket level

    as for back view this is of nice length

    i don't want the smocked part to be separate as i love the pleated effect on the bodice just like the cuff.

    I also think 1 inch braid is nice but in youe experience, what's is the suitable size for a blouse?

    Any help and advice is appreciated.